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You want to test your teaching performances. You are thinking of making evidence-based changes in the education of your students. Or you simply want to find out how to properly research education. If so, you are on the right page! Join us and find out how to perform proper research on education!

Educational research is the application of the scientific methods to study educational practices. Educational research uses an organized approach to asking and answering questions and reporting the results. Thus, educational research is as systematic as scientific research. The goal is to evaluate, develop, share and improve teaching/educational practice for students, academics, and policy makers.

There are key aspects to be considered when conducting an Educational Research. This workshop will focus on designing an educational research, identifying a research question, reviewing the literature, and choosing appropriate research methods to collect, analyse and interpret the data.

Dates and venue: 4th and 5th October 2022, University of Zagreb, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Aim and outcome: This workshop will describe the process for effectively conducting educational research. At the end of this workshop, the participants should be able to specify a problem within their area of interest in education/teaching, select the methods needed to address a research question, and collect and analyse data, either quantitative and qualitative.

Target participants: Educators of all levels (from teaching assistants to full professors) who are willing to improve their teaching through asking questions and collecting data are invited. No previous educational research experience is required.

EduW Zgreb 2022 Program


Wybrano władze Oddziału Warszawskiego na kolejną kadencję.

Wybrano władze Oddziału Warszawskiego na kolejną kadencję.

W dniu 28 września br. w IBB PAN odbyło się zebranie sprawozdawczo-wyborcze Oddziału Warszawskiego Polskiego Towarzystwa Biochemicznego. Wybrano na nim nowe władze Oddziału.

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