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Jonathan Heddle completed gained his PhD in biochemistry from the University of Leicester, UK. He then moved a JSPS Special Postdoctoral Fellow to Yokohama City University where he carried out research in structural biology laboratory. This was followed by two PI positions at Tokyo Institute of Technology and RIKEN. He moved back to Europe and his current position at the Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology in 2015. He leads the of Bionanoscience and Biochemistry Laboratory which is interested in understanding and building artificial and natural bionano machines. This encompasses a wide range of projects and materials including proteins and nucleic acid structures such as DNA nanostructures and artificial protein cages. He hopes to continue to advance both basic developments and applications of these structures in the future.


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Future Science Future Star Award

Future Science Future Star Award

Dr Karolina Pierzynowska z Katedry Biologii Molekularnej Wydziału Biologii Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego znalazła się wśród czwórki finalistów, którzy walczyć będą o międzynarodową nagrodę Future Science Future Star Award. Zwycięzca zostanie wyłoniony w ostatnim etapie konkursu - publicznym głosowaniu,...

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