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Sekretarz Generalny FEBS, Václav Pačes wydał następujące oświadczenie:

At this time our thoughts are with all those impacted by the situation in Ukraine, and discussion is under way about how best to support biomolecular scientists from Ukraine through FEBS programmes.

FEBS thanks the Russian Biochemical Society for its work in the early planning stages of the Moscow Congress, and hopes for peaceful times again when scientists from all its Constituent Societies can without difficulties collaborate and support each other in the pursuit of science for the benefit of humankind.

Plans for an alternative FEBS scientific event in summer 2023 will be considered and announced later this year.  

Václav Pačes, FEBS Secretary General



Piotr Laidler we władzach FEBS

Piotr Laidler we władzach FEBS

Prof. Piotr Laidler, wice-prezes Polskiego Towarzystwa Biochemicznego, został wybrany do władz Federacji Europejskich Towarzystw Biochemicznych (FEBS) na stanowisko Congress Counselor.

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